2018 SSC Conference: Making The Difference

Making The Difference:
Opening Doors for Older Adults in Alameda County

Building Allies to Address the Housing Crisis and the Unique Needs of Seniors


Our 5th annual conference was a deep dive into Alameda County’s housing crisis and its impact on older adults. Housing insecurity, displacement and homelessness can have devastating health and life consequences for older people. On November 30, we convened local community-based service providers, health care professionals, health and social services agency leaders, housing providers, advocates, policy makers and community members – all focused on finding solutions. Together we gained a common understanding of the landscape of the crisis and the new initiatives that are in place, and we explored collaborative ways to address the unique needs of older adults.

Videos of the event are below, as well as accompanying materials. Make sure to watch with the the presentation pdfs on hand.

Our Program & Conference Materials
  • Click here for the Conference Program.
  • Click here for the pdf of our Opening Remarks. Click here to watch the opening remarks.
  • Click here for a summary of Aging Housing Crisis Framework Handout.
  • Click here for a summary of the takeaways from our Discussion Cafe.
Our Keynote Speaker

Joshua Bamberger, MD, MPH
Health and Housing Initiatives
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH)

Click here to watch the keynote presentation. 

Our Panelists

Building, Preserving, and Accessing Housing in Alameda County

Click here to watch the presentation. 

Linda Gardner 
Director, Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department

Click here for a handout on Measure A1 – Implementation Update. 

Click here for Linda Gardner’s presentation: Affordable Housing Needs Seniors in Alameda County. 

Mitigating the Impacts of Homelessness: Shelter in a Storm

Click here to watch the first panel. 

Elaine de Coligny 
Executive Director, EveryOne Home

Click here for a handout on Coordinated Entry. 

Click here for Elaine de Coligny’s presentation: Ending Homelessness in Alameda County. 

LaRueBetty Williams
Director of Homeless Services, Saint Mary’s Center

Click here for LaRueBetty Williams’ presentation: Seniors on the Streets. 

Robert Ratner
Housing Services Director, Alameda County Health Care Services

Click here for Robert Ratner’s presentation: Housing Solutions for Health. 

Tangerine Brigham
Chief Administrative Officer, Population Health, Alameda Health System

Click here for Tangerine Brigham’s presentation: Partnering to Address Housing Needs Among AHS Patients. 

Moderator: Colleen Chawla, Director, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

Prevention: A Window of Opportunity 

Click here to watch the second panel. 

Tram Nguyen
Health Equity Policy Coordinator, Alameda County Public Health Department

Click here for Tram Ngueyen’s presentation: Health Impacts of Rising Rents & Displacement on Older Adults.

Jim Treggiari 
Executive Director, Legal Assistance for Seniors

Click here for Jim Treggiari’s presentation. 

Natalie Woods
Wellness Nurse, Allen Temple Arms, Human Good

Click here for Natalie Wood’s presentation: Supportive Services Demonstration for Elderly Households in HUD-Assisted Multifamily Housing .

Randy Morris
Assistant Agency Director, Adult and Aging Services, Alameda County Social Services Agency

Click here for Randy Morris’ presentation: Upstream Housing Work.

Moderator: Linda Trowbridge, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Elders’ Independence


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