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Updated November 2014: The CCI Will Not Launch in Alameda County

From Senior Services Coalition

From National Senior Citizen’s Law Center

The CCI launch is underway in four counties, and is scheduled to launch in Alameda County beginning in July 2015. Given the large number of problems experienced to date in the roll out of the CCI, the National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC) has created a “Fix List” for tracking problems and related fixes. The list is intended to keep advocates and others informed of the current state of implementation. The NSCLC will update the list regularly; it can be viewed here.

– Advocate’s Guide to the Coordinated Care Initiative (Updated June 2014)

From California Department of Health Care Services

– Draft 90-Day Cal MediConnect Notice, Passive Enrollment
– Draft 60-Day Cal MediConnect Notice, Passive Enrollment
– CCI: Participating Populations for Cal Medi-Connect (Updated August 2013)


From Bay Area Legal Aid

From The SCAN Foundation

– California’s Coordinated Care Initiative: Fact Sheet (Updated August 2014)


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