At Home with Growing Older

How can we provide older adults with the integrated/coordinated care they need?

As people live longer, the chances of having multiple chronic conditions, disabilities and different degrees of memory impairment increase, making community based, human-centered, integrated/coordinated care models more needed than ever.

This panel discussion will explore:

  • Models of integrated/coordinated care that address a broad range of care needs
  • Why PACE, one of the best-known integrated care models, is successful but has not been adopted at a larger scale
  • Integrated care components that could be replicated and potentially connected in different ways to reach a larger part of the population
  • Missing links in existing care models

We will discuss these questions in the context of medical care, healthcare delivery, community-based services and funding.

Medical Care Perspective: Dr. Ken Covinsky, Professor of Medicine, UCSF
Healthcare/Funding Perspective: Robert Edmondson, Consultant, former CEO of OnLok, board member of John Muir and Eskaton.
Community Based Models: Andrew Scharlach, Eugene and Rose Kleiner Professor of Aging and Director of the Center of the Advanced Study of Aging Services at UC Berkeley
Moderator: Susan Poor, Aging in Community Consultant

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3075 Adeline Street
Ed Roberts Campus

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