#IRelyOn Campaign

Take Action NOW and PROTECT Funding for Aging Services

We know how critical aging services are to the people who rely on them. We can’t afford to lose our aging services infrastructure.


Right now, Congress is debating funding for aging services in the Federal Budget. Proposed cuts will harm older people and destroy the aging services safety net.  

Older adults and the families and community-based organizations that serve them must make our voices heard in opposition to these cuts.

Join our #IRelyOn campaign!


Participating is easy and you can do it in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Download and print out our sign. Write in the aging service that you rely on (use the “cheat sheet” on the back for ideas). Or use it as a guide to make your own sign.

Step 2: Take a photo of yourself holding your sign.

Step 3: Post the photo on social media using the #IRelyOn hashtag. Tag your Senator or Representative.

We’re happy to help! If you’re not on social media, send us your photo and we’ll post it. We’ll come to your staff meeting, community gathering, etc. to lead a #IRelyOn activity. Click here to contact us.

THANKS for your continued action. We look forward to seeing your posts as we continue the fight to protect aging services.

Other Messages to Tweet and Post

Thousands in Alameda County rely on HICAP (federal SHIP) to navigate Medicare. Protect SHIP funding! #IRelyOn @RepSwalwell @RepBarbaraLee

House proposed cuts to aging services even more terrible when we remember federal funding has been flat for decades. #IRelyOn @RepRoKhanna

#IRelyOn Federal funding for aging services. But funding is less now than in 2010!  Completely inadequate to meet our needs. @RepSwalwell

SNAP/FoodStamps reduces nursing home/hospital/ED use for older people, AND cuts cost growth. Invest don’t cut SNAP! #IRelyOn @RepRoKhanna

Oppose any budget that forces cuts to mandatory spending programs like SNAP, Medicaid and SSI #IRelyOn @RepSwalwell @RepBarbaraLee

#IRelyOn Medicaid to fund California’s In Home Supportive Services. Cutting Medicaid is wrong. @RepBarbaraLee @SenKamalaHarris

62% of Californians living in nursing homes rely on #Medicaid. Cutting Medicaid is wrong. #IRelyOn @SenKamalaHarris @RepSwalwell










#IRelyOn Sign with cheat sheet on the back (.pdf)

Want to launch your own campaign? Use this .doc sign and add your organizations’ logo (.doc)

Social media addresses of Bay Areas’ Congressional Representatives and Senators (.xlsx)

Social media addresses of all US Senators

SSC’s Summary of How The Proposed Federal Budget Treats Older People

Impact of the AHCA on Older Californians (from Justice In Aging, AARP, Medicare Rights Center, and others)


Tips and Ideas

– Tag your Congressional Representative and/or Senator when you post your picture (use our list of addresses)

– Print multiple copies of the sign with the instructions on the back and bring it to your local café, library, senior center, etc.

– We’ll come to your staff meeting, community gathering, etc to lead a #IRelyOn action workshop. Click here to contact us.

– Include #ProtectOurCare in your post or tweet to link to nationwide campaign to protect Medicaid and the ACA.

What the Community is Saying

Click here to see the services called out in over 500 #IRelyOn postcards and posts to date.

(Size indicates frequency.)

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