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Every year SSC tracks legislative proposals that help us meet the challenges of aging and live successfully in our communities, now and in the future.

It’s easy to check the status and read the complete text of bills that have been introduced. Just go to and search by bill number, topic or author.

It seems like a long time ago, but October 15 was Governor Brown’s last day to either sign or veto legislation, concluding this year’s legislative session in California. Of the 3,000-plus bills introduced this year, a handful were especially important to Alameda County’s aging community. Click here for SSC’s complete 2017 Bill List with Outcomes.

One of the bills that didn’t make it to the Governor’s desk this year is still an area of concern for community-based organizations: AB 1250, would have restricted counties’ ability to contract with nonprofits, community based businesses and licensed professionals to deliver local services. This bill is now a two-year bill, and may be moving in the 2018 legislative session that begins in January. We’ll be watching it closely.


Legislative Proposals

Bill Number Summary Position
AB 2430 (Arambula) AB 2430 would raise the income level of the Aged and Disabled Medi-Cal program (A&D program) to 138% FPL, creating a “bright line” of income eligibility. This change would create parity between senior and disabled Medi-Cal beneficiaries, and other adult Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Under current law, most adult recipients under 65 can enroll in free Medi-Cal with income as high as 138% FPL, but seniors age 65 and over may only enroll in free Medi-Cal if their income is below 123% FPL. Once over the limit for free Medi-Cal, seniors may be eligible for Medi-Cal Share-of-Cost, but are required to pay a high monthly deductible that typically equals more than half their monthly income. SUPPORT
AB 3200 (Kalra, Reyes and Thurmond) AB 3200 would address poverty among SSI/SSP recipients (low-income seniors and people living with disabilities) by reinstating the Cost of Living Adjustments that were removed from during the recession and by increasing grant levels so that they are no longer below the Federal Poverty Level. SSI/SSP is funded jointly by the federal and state governments to provide income support to seniors and people with disabilities who have little or no income. During the years of the recession, SSI/SSP grants were cut drastically by the state of California. These cuts were never fully restored, though our state’s economy has recovered. Current SSI/SSP grants for single Californians are $910.72 per month, only 90% of the Federal Poverty Level, and significantly less than the actual income level needed for self-sufficiency. SUPPORT


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