About SSC

The Senior Services Coalition of Alameda County (SSC) was formed in 1996, with support from the Area Agency on Aging, to help senior service providers address policy issues together. That year, SSC built consensus and brought the collective voice of providers “to the table” where policy decisions were being made about the distribution of federal dollars in the County.

Since then, SSC has provided a continuing forum for members to share information and innovations in service delivery and public policy. The addition of staff in 2002 created capacity to participate in emerging efforts to drive systems change. Since then, SSC has convened events to focus policy maker and public attention on senior issues; built relationships with local and state elected officials; established a reputation as a local resource on senior services and policy; won local investments in aging services; built cooperative advocacy partnerships throughout the safety net; and coordinated efforts to ensure that state and local budget decisions do not put vulnerable seniors at risk.

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