2016 SSC Conference: Making the Difference

As we age, the supportive services that we receive at home and in the community can have a profound influence on our health. Understanding the links between community-based supports and health for older adults, and moving beyond traditional silos in planning and delivery, can achieve the triple aim of improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care.  

On December 2nd the Senior Services Coalition convened our third annual conference, Making the Difference: Improving Outcomes for Older Adults in Alameda County. Over 130 community-based service providers, health care professionals, health and social services agency leaders, policy makers and consumers came together for this silo-bridging event. Together we explored recent developments in policy, financing and collaborative innovation that are relevant to improving health and life outcomes for older adults.

Our Program & Conference Materials:

Click here for the 2016 Conference Program.

Click here for the Conference’s Opening Remarks.

Click here to watch the Conference’s Opening Remarks.

Aging and Homeless in Alameda County

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Margot Kushel, Professor of Medicine, UCSF/SFGH, Division of General Internal Medicine
     Click here for Dr. Margot Kushel’s presentation: Homelessness in Older Adults – An Emerging Crisis. Click here to watch Dr. Margot Kushel’s presentation.

Additional research materials from Dr. Margot Kushel:

Click here to read ‘Pathways to Homelessness among Older Homeless Adults: Results from the HOPE HOME Study‘.

Click here to read ‘Geriatric Conditions in a Population-Based Sample of Older Homeless Adults‘.

Click here to read ‘Emergency Department Use in a Cohort of Older Homeless Adults: Results from the HOPE HOME Study‘.

Click here to read ‘Residential patterns in older homeless adults: Results of a cluster analysis‘.

Click here for the results of ‘Tobacco cessation behaviors among older homeless adults: Results from the HOPE HOME Study‘.

Click here for ‘Childhood Adversities Associated with Poor Adult Mental Health Outcomes in Older Homeless Adults: Results From the HOPE HOME Study‘.

Click here to listen to Dr. Kushel on KALW radio.

Intersections and Transitions: Medical Care, Post-Acute Care and Community Care

Click here to watch the first panel.

Austin Ord, Director of Post-Acute Care, Sutter Health System
     Click here for Austin Ord’s presentation: Connecting Hospitals and Community-Based Organizations. 

Additional material from Austin Ord: 

Click here to read ‘Adding Value by Talking More’.

Jamie Almanza, Executive Director, Bay Area Community Services

     Click here for Jamie Almanza’s presentation. 

Corinne Jan, Chief Executive Officer, Family Bridges, Inc.
     Click here for Corrine Jan’s presentation: The Community Based Health Home – The Role of the Nurse Navigator.

Moderator – Karen Grimsich, Administrator, Fremont Aging & Family Services

Systems Transformation in Alameda County: Whole Person Care Pilot, Health Homes, Alameda Health System, and the County’s Plan for Older Adults

Click here to watch the second panel.

Nancy Halloran, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency

     Click here for Nancy Halloran’s presentation: Alameda County Care Connect. 

Scott Coffin, Chief Executive Officer, Alameda Alliance for Health
     Click here for Scott Coffin’s presentation: Alameda Alliance Health Home Pilot.  

Additional material from Scott Coffin: 

Click here to read ‘Alameda Alliance for Health’s Request for Information: The Alliance Health Home Pilot’.

Dr. Claudia Landau, Chief of Geriatrics and Palliative Care, Highland Hospital

Randy Morris, Director, Alameda County Adult & Aging Services

Moderator – Monique Parrish, Director, Lifecourse Strategies
     Click here for Monique Parrish’s Introductory slides. 

Discussion Cafe – Small group discussions designed to help attendees synthesize information and extend discussion.


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