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TAKE ACTION NOW to INVEST in Aging Services


Aging services are critical to the people who rely on them. We need a robust aging services network now more than ever.


Funding for case management and friendly visiting administered by the California Department of Aging has been flat for over a dozen years. Right now, California legislators are debating where to invest a significant state surplus. We want them to fund these two key programs that have been long neglected, and that are urgently needed in our communities.

Older adults and the people who care about them must make our voices heard to invest in these programs so they can serve the increasing numbers of people who are destabilized and isolated as a result of the pandemic.


Join our #IRelyOn campaign!


Participating is easy and you can do it in just a few minutes:


Send us a quote with a reason for why these aging services are important to you and we’ll post it on our social media page. Send us a picture of yourself too, to include in our post.


Click here to download and print out our sign. Write in the aging service that you rely on. Use the “cheat sheet” on the back for ideas, or use it as a guide to make your own sign. Take a photo of yourself holding your sign. Post the photo on social media using the #IRelyOn hashtag. Tag your Senator or Representative (click here for a list of addresses for the Bay Area’s US Senators and Congressional Reps).



We’re happy to help! We’ll join your staff meeting, community gathering, etc. to lead an #IRelyOn activity. Click here to contact us.

THANKS for your continued action. We look forward to seeing your posts as we continue the fight to protect and build these aging services.

Write a Letter of Support

The leaders of key budget committees need to hear from you. Click here for a sample letter of support to use as a guide, and follow the instructions. Note that letters received in April or early May will have the most impact.

Messages to Tweet and Post

Many older Californians are economically insecure but don’t qualify for Medi-Cal. Let’s ensure that they will have access to Case Management should they need it. #IRelyOn @drarambulaAD31

Isolation is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Friendly visitors are the cure. California, invest in visiting programs for older people. #IRelyOn @NancySkinnerCA

Older American Act case management and visiting programs rely on federal funding that has been flat for a decade! California, step up and fund these services. #IRelyOn @PhilTing

#IRelyOn knowing that I can get help coordinating care when I need it. But funding is less now than in 2010! Completely inadequate to meet growing needs! @sensusaneggman










#IRelyOn Selfie Sign with cheat sheet on the back
Want to launch your own campaign or customize your selfie sign? Use this .doc sign and add your organization’s logo
Social media addresses of the California Senate and Assembly Budget Committees
Our Key Messages and Talking Points about the requested investment in Case Management and Visiting

Tips and Ideas

– Tag one or more of the members of the California Assembly and/or Senate Budget Committee when you post your picture (use our list of addresses in the link above)
– Print multiple copies of the sign with the instructions on the back and bring it to your local café, library, senior center, etc.

What the Community is Saying

Click here to see what community members said at SSC’s December 2021 Forum.

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