Equity & Aging

Senior Services Coalition and our members understand that meaningful improvements to the system of aging services can only happen when stakeholders unite to address injustice and the economic, social and health inequities that are deeply rooted in structural racism. We must insist on equity in health, housing and services while holding the public and private sectors accountable on these issues.

Each and every one of us has a hand in the work of centering equity – through our direct services, our votes, our advocacy, and our random acts of kindness. Here are some resources and tools we’ve found useful.

Equity Basics

What is Equity and How Does it Differ from Equality

Why We Need to Talk About ‘Aging While Black’

Anti-racism and pro-aging: A Stonewall Legacy

Equity and Aging

Transportation Equity, Health, and Aging: A Novel Approach to Healthy Longevity with Benefits Across the Life Span

Healthy Ageing: Raising Awareness of Inequalities, Determinants, and What Could Be Done to Improve Health Equity

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