Tools for Policy Advocacy and Consumer Assistance

Special Resources for CBOs

Framing and Communicating Our Advocacy Relationship Building

This training from the Senior Services Coalition offers basic strategies for communicating and advancing policy solutions. Click here to read.

Lobbying and Advocacy 101: Legal Tips for Nonprofit Advocates

Lobbying is not only legal—it’s one of the most effective means for nonprofits to advance their missions. It is important to understand what lobbying is, why it’s so important, and how your nonprofit can lobby within the rules.  

Click here for nonprofit advocacy rules and regulations from NCOA.

The Lifecycle of Legislation

The following graph provides an overall picture of how the essential steps for a bill to get passed into California legislature. Click here to see the image.

Campaign Planning: Best Practices

The Just Enough Planning Guide was developed by expert campaigners as a way to help smaller nonprofits organize their campaigning goals in an effective manner. The Planning Guide focuses on the nine stages of planning and offers best planning practices for each. To download the complete Planning Guide from SpitFire, click here.

Additionally, organizations can tailor the approach to their own goals by filling in a blank outline of the guide, found here.

A Case Study in Measuring Impact

The following case study of The Humane Society offers evaluation insight into how a large corporation changes their outcome measuring techniques to provide data that is meaningful and can be utilized to increase efficiency. Click here for the entire case study.

Imagine. Act. Believe.

This article from the Casey Foundation provides an overarching, theoretical framework of a changing environment. The discussed change could be applied to a variety of circumstances found in the nonprofit sector. Click here to read.

Consumer Assistance Tools

Click here for Justice In Aging’s Balance Billing Flyer, with help for Duals who receive bills from their health care providers. Click here for the Spanish version.

Disability Rights California produced Medi-Cal Managed Health Care Plans: What are they? What do I need to know about them? It’s a comprehensive FAQ about Medi-Cal Managed Care for consumers. Click here for the PDF.

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