Alameda County Celebrates Age-Friendly County Resolution

On Tuesday AARP will welcome Alameda County into the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly Communities movement. This is a milestone event! Complete with media and photo ops!

BE THERE! This is a significant moment in our work to improve the lives of older Alameda County residents. The aging community needs to be in the room! Bring others. Speak in support. Wear a button (see Wendy on the 4th to get your button).

Click here to go to the Board’s web page where the agenda will be posted some time on Friday, May 31st. (The 11am Proclamations are listed towards the end of the Agenda.)

Click here to contact Wendy to let us know you’ll be there. Let us know if you would like assistance in getting a group of community members to the meeting.

Alameda County Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
Tuesday June 4

Board Chambers
1221 Oak Street, 5th Floor
Oakland, CA 94612