Lifting Community Voices

Meaningful policy improvements must start by centering the experiences of real people. Our coalition captures impactful human stories about the experiences of aging so that we can build awareness and support for community-based services, advance policy solutions, and build a common understanding of the role we all play in creating age-friendly communities.

I thought I could live on my social security income of $850 a month. But the rent at the affordable / tax credit apartment was $870 a month. I juggled loans and when that did not work, stayed with friends.


Willie worked in property management for 25 years. At age 62, Willie was given a severance package. He found an apartment and diligently looked for work, but was unsuccessful. Willie finally secured an apartment in in HUD Section 202 senior housing that guaranteed that his rent would be one-third of his income. Willy passed during the pandemic. Rest in Power.

I got sick and had to resign from my job. I managed to get by for about four and a half years by using my savings. Then, I could not afford the mortgage, taxes and upkeep on the 3-bedroom home that I owned.


Lynda felt fortunate to have located affordable housing so quickly. She applied to live in two affordable housing complexes and was accepted about three months later. She lived there for the rest of her life. She was the mother of two adult children. For 41 years, she worked in the medical field as an office manager and medical assistant. Lynda has since passed. Rest in power.