Each year SSC convenes people from the silos, systems, organizations and communities that touch older people in our county. Our Making the Difference conferences explore emerging issues, illuminate challenges that we need to tackle together, and spark collaborative solutions.

2024 conference

Making the Difference: Addressing Older Adult Homelessness in Alameda County

Older adult homelessness is growing in Alameda County, and older adults spend significantly longer in homelessness than any other age group. How can we reverse these trends? How might we revise systems and eliminate barriers to help displaced older adults access services and housing so they can live safely in the community? How can we move upstream to prevent displacement and address housing insecurity?

Making the Difference will convene community-based organizations, health and social service providers, policy makers, and community members to examine emerging issues and explore solutions that will improve health and life outcomes for older people in Alameda County.

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Friday, May 31, 2024

9am – 2pm


Nile Hall

1233 Preservation Park Way

Oakland, CA 94612


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